Matched Betting Strategy – Taking the Gamble Out of Gambling


Matched betting by definition is a form of arbitrage that allows you to generate risk free profits by using free online bets in conjunction with betting exchanges. Using an appropriate strategy you should be able to compound a decent amount of profit within the regions of £700 to £1000.


To apply such a strategy you need to open a ‘betting exchange account’ such as betfair and also a ‘bookmaker account’ that is offering a ‘free bet’ promotion
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The system works by placing a bet at the bookmaker and then laying (betting against) it off at the betting exchange, essentially all your doing when applying this technique is hedging your bets to create a profitable scenario that eliminates risk. The value in this betting method exists because of the ‘free bets’ entity. If online bookmakers were to stop offering them tomorrow this type of risk free bet would become obsolete.

To apply the strategy you’ll need to place two separate bets. Firstly a qualifying bet using your own money, and then another bet using the ‘free bet stake’. A typical example of how it’s done is shown below.

Real life example – using a £50 free bet

Qualifying bet

Bet type: Qualifying bet- £50 
Event: Bolton v Fulham: Saturday 14th March 
Bet: Bolton to win 
Odds: Bookmaker odds: 2.1 | Betting exchange lay odds: 2.16 
Profit /loss: £-2.73

Free bet stake

Bet type: Free bet- £50 
Event: Barnsley v Crystal palace: Tuesday 17th March 
Bet: Draw 
Odds: Bookmaker odds: 2.2 | Betting exchange lay odds: 2.45 
Profit /loss: £33.53 
Matched bet overall profit: £30.80

The figures above all include betting exchange commission set at 5%


When matched betting the idea is to maximize profits the higher the free bet stakes the better your overall return will be. A £50 free bet is much better value than a £10 one for example. From personal experience I have found the best time to take advantage of high value bets are when special events are taking place. A prime example is the famous ‘Cheltenham horse racing festival’ in March. For some reason at this time of the year bookmakers love to give big free bets away that you normally cannot get at other times of the year. An example this year (2009) is ‘ladbokes’ they were offering a free £200 bet throughout the festival. To qualify all you to do was open an account place a bet and you would receive a freebie bet to the same value. This type of great offer never seem to materialize at others times of the year. So take advantage when they come along.

Another important tip when applying is to also take higher odds on your free bet stakes, if you follow this rule your return will be better, this is because most bookmakers will retain the free stake on your bet, so in order to maximize profits you must take larger odds. If the stake is indeed retained by the bookmaker I tend not to place the bet at odds any lower than 3.0 in a decimal odds format. This strategy I find gives me a fairly good return on investment relative to my free bet stake.

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Play Slots Online On Five Reel Slots


Even following the introduction of the world wide web to this general marketplace people couldn’t play with the games on line. However, using the presence of the new technology and the provision of the very good online speed today people may play with various games online also. In the past men and women just visit the casinos to play with the slots however now they are able to play with slots online on five reel slots simply by sitting in their house even they are able to take part in different tournaments. Now you can find distinct types of the slots devices several are designed for the beginners plus many are made for its intermediate and pros. Today it’s up to the own skills which at which course you collapse and then you can choose the match. If you are aware better enough about the play matches afterward you definitely can play with slots on line about five-reel slots. You can easily estimate the name that you can find five rotating reels that could show that the five amounts or you could also say the symbols that might match one another. In the event you have the five symbols or numbers which may fit to one another then you may believe that how entertaining that the match can be. Engage in slots on line on five reel slots machine is truly a great experience that you are unable to get out of the classic 3 reel slotsgames. You’re able to have the better possibilities to acquire the jack pot along with different other bonuses.

Review Five-reel slots machines and online Slots 918kiss

If you compare with the first five reel slots machines into the machinery which you get while enjoying slots on line then you’ll find that these aren’t similar to individuals as it does not have the metallic box with all the grip since you will find a number of forms of the graphics are all used on the web which can grant you the impression of this slot machines. But if we talk about the match which can there be any gap on the rules of those matches and other matters regarding to this then there is no gap between these. You will find the very same principles and you also have to stick to precisely the exact actions to engage in slots online as you follow along in the soil based devices.

Five reel slots

Once you play with slots games online on five reel slots online then you definitely realize there are five slots which are rotating and also reveal one of the amounts after each twist. It’s nothing but a visual impact that you just consider those Re-El rotatingshafts. But in fact there’s software that gets got the next set of the amounts after which when you click on the button of the twist you get that range in your screen.

Once you play slots online on five reel slots afterward you’ve got to locate the website which may have various varieties of these casinos and at which you now can play with slots online on five reel slots. You can find distinct themes are offered in this game plus it’s all up for you that which motif will be useful for you and at that you will feel at ease to perform . Furthermore, you can play in one casinos for a long time if you’ve got the upgrades of the matches regularly then you definitely do not will need to move from one casino to the next and you can play even as long as you’d like.

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