Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss and Relaxation – How to Perform Self Hypnosis Weight Loss


Can you imagine your world being less frenzied and stressed? You probably already know that self hypnosis for weight loss and relaxation can give you that special world. A world where you can glide from moment to moment under your own control and following naturally what you desire to do without being sidetracked by food? If you have always wanted this type of behavior you will be glad to have read every word of this article as I detail for you all that you need to get started with self hypnosis for weight loss and relaxation.

Self hypnosis is the implementation of a specific mental state that you learn to do by yourself. Once learned and practiced, this process becomes automatic and can be used to guide you through your most difficult experiences without compromising your goals. Self hypnosis is a state of mind where your inner mind becomes more accepting of new ideas, thoughts and behaviors. And because you willingly enter into that state, the thoughts that you prepare ahead of time are those that you personally agree to accepting weight loss calculator.

This state of hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility. Your inner mind, also known as your subconscious mind, becomes a participant in your success. Willingly accepting new thoughts and behaviors without critical judgement. So in this state, using it for weight loss and relaxation, you would start to accept a feeling of comfort and safety. this will relax you. Most overeaters, and emotional eaters eat because they are stressed out. So one of the first things you want to do is learn to relax. Self hypnosis for relaxation will teach you how to relax on demand. And once relaxed you become more in control. But it gets even better than that.

You can make this process extremely powerful. By using your mind to imagine yourself performing the actions of a healthy and fit person, you start to become familiar with those type of behaviors. This will lead you to becoming comfortable behaving that way when you are not consciously thinking about it. So it becomes natural.

Here’s a very simple method to get started performing self hypnosis. Find a comfortable and safe place to sit down. Close your eyes and relax the muscles around your eyes so much that you start to think that they will not work. Now you know if you hold onto that relaxation they certainly wouldn’t work. Because in order for your eyelid muscles to be activated you would have to put tension back into those muscles. So really, there is no way for them to work as long as you hold onto the relaxation. So go ahead and do that…hold onto that relaxation. Hold onto it for about 60 seconds. During that time focus on your breathing and notice how much more relaxed you get with every breath out.

After 60 seconds or so, open your eyes and come back to the room, feeling so much more relaxed and in control. This is the very beginning of learning self hypnosis for weight loss and relaxation. Practice this and you will become better at going into trance.

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