Batasi strategi Poker Shorthand


Katakanlah Anda berada di tengah permainan poker – permainannya adalah batas waktu singkat. Ada beberapa situasi yang mungkin ingin Anda lihat untuk membuat gagasan yang lebih baik tentang strategi dan tindakan apa yang harus Anda pikirkan.

Ketika di preflop dan Anda baru sadar Anda telah QQ ditangani sepasang saku, yang kecil maka Anda harus berpikir jika pot Anda besar. Jika Anda memang berada di pot multi jalan, maka pasangan saku Anda mungkin saja bekerja, meskipun hanya satu di bawah tujuh. Jika Anda berada dalam posisi buta dan yang lainnya hanya memanggil si besar buta, maka sebaiknya cek saja untuk masuk flop murah. Tapi, jika Anda berada di tombol dan sebelum Anda ada satu kenaikan dan lipatan, maka hal terbaik yang harus dilakukan adalah memaksa tirai dengan reraising.

Begitu Anda mengalami kegagalan Anda sebaiknya melakukan hal yang dapat dibenarkan: lipat jika Anda tidak memukul atau melanjutkan jika Anda memang tertembak.

Bila dalam permainan singkat, jika Anda ingin menggertak kegagalan maka Anda mungkin mempertimbangkan menggertak saat menghadapi lawan satu atau dua pemain. Menggertak sederhana di sini, Anda tidak memiliki apa-apa karena adanya kegagalan yang aneh, dan masalahnya adalah ketika beberapa pemain terlibat, mereka mungkin tidak akan memiliki apa-apa juga, jadi Anda harus terus melakukannya, itu mungkin berhasil. Jika mereka memanggil Anda kemudian memutuskan apakah akan terus atau tidak. Analisis peluang yang Anda miliki untuk hasil imbang dan pertimbangkan bahwa jika mereka juga menggertak, apa peluang Anda untuk plot tersebut. Jadi, jika tangan Anda hanya terbuat dari kartu rendah, cek saja atau bahkan lipat berkali-kali karena bisa memiliki kicker yang lebih baik.

Ada beberapa hal yang seharusnya tidak Anda lakukan dalam permainan singkat seperti pergi untuk undian saat Anda hanya memiliki Ace dan ada orang lain yang masuk. Mereka mungkin memiliki sepasang saku atau kicker yang lebih baik dan Anda akan kalah.

Selalu mencoba bermain di dalam bankroll Anda. Jenis permainan ini butuh waktu lama untuk benar-benar menang. Anda tidak ingin mengambil risiko kehilangan tangan dan kemudian tidak punya uang lagi untuk menunggu panci pemenang. Jika hanya bermain kartu Anda dalam permainan singkat Anda membuat kesalahan yang sangat besar. Anda harus mempertimbangkan bahwa strategi mudah diterapkan di sini dan orang lain akan mencobanya. Anda harus selalu memperhatikan yang lain dan mencoba untuk memainkan tangan mereka juga – ini adalah bagian penting dari strategi singkat.

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How to Visualize Your Dreams Using Digital Tools

First of all, find images on Google which best reflect your desires and aspirations and place them in a folder. But keeping them just in a folder will do you no good until you visualize them in a proper manner on a daily basis. How do you go about doing that? To learn more, read on.

I would like to give you the following two beautiful digital tips for visualizing your dreams:

  • Creating Your Digital Dream Board

You need to create your digital dream board first. This is how you do it. Place the images in order of your priorities in a MS Word file. Put a label for each image in a text box. For example, if it’s an image for your ideal car, underneath the image, write in a text box, “My Ideal Car”.

After you have neatly put all the images along with the labels on the MS Word page, make sure to fit them all in one page. If needed, shrink the images to smaller sizes, yet clear and visible. You can do that with Paint or Microsoft Office Picture Manager using the “resize” feature. Then print preview the MS Word page and take a screenshot. Using CTRL+V, paste the screenshot in Paint. Now you can further work to modify cutting or cropping off the unwanted spaces around the to-be digital dream board and give it a neat look using Paint features. Finally save it as a jpg file. From upper top menu of Paint, select “set as desktop background” under which there are three choices: Fill, tile and center. I find center as a good option to place the digital dream board in the center of the desktop background screen, which you get to visualize every time you open your laptop.

  • Using Movie Maker Software

Place one image after another based on your priorities in a free movie maker software. You can put labels on the images and you can insert background music and save it as an mp4 format. Then you can start playing it. It really will look like a movie, playing all your dream images with your favorite music playing in the background. Play around with the software so that you familiarize yourself with it so that anytime you need to visualize your new burning desires and dreams, you can quickly create a relevant movie and watch it at least twice daily.

Now why is there power in visualizing dream images? Because they produce imprints in your subconscious mind, and you actually start to form beliefs around them.

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Update Released For Android Wear Devices

Well, that is no reason to mope, rather it is a TIME to grab the future by the WRIST and run towards it with absolutely nothing but hope in our hearts. If the subtle hints were not enough, what we are about to discuss is the latest accessory to the “smart” technology which takes its shape as the smartwatches we have grown to love. But what exactly is considered a “smart” watch? I remember quite a few years ago, Casio Watches released a line of talking watches that could tell the wearer the time with just a push of a button. Does that fit into the “smartwatch” category? Thankfully, it does not. Maybe if those watches could send texts, make calls, read e-mails, track our health or even count our steps, it would be considered into the group. All kidding aside though, let’s take a quick look at what is about to head our way in the latest smartwatch news.

As we all know and probably have a hands on experience, the android platform is slowly consuming our world wrapped in fancy tech toys. The latest addition to the seemingly endless list is the android television (but that’s for a different day). When Google wasn’t satisfied with just infecting cellphones with their magic, they turned to watches and created some of the best devices the world will probably see for years; smartwatches. Aptly designated as Android Wear for obvious reasons, smartwatches started popping up across the globe through various major smartphone brands. Now, an Android Wear update gives these watches a makeover like never before. Initially when introduced to the public, Google did not want to scare the buyers away with a complicated interface which led to reasonably dull, boring watches but as the demand for futuristic, more capable devices grew, so the idea of the developers.

The latest update now brings three faces to the watch: Bits, Together and Under Armor. The “Bits” face adds circles that display a number of things such as unread texts and emails, missed calls, weather forecast and scheduled events that are neatly placed around the digital-analog watch. “Together” changes the display of the watch into your personal drawing board where you can share images, doodles and emoji’s. Another take on a fitness app, the “Under Armor” face makes the smartwatch your personal trainer and don’t expect it to go easy on you. It allows the user to set training sessions for workouts and calculates the distance travelled, the number of steps taken or the calories that were burned while partaking in these activities. The top three android smartwatches in the market right now are the LG Urbane, the Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear 2 in no particular order.

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Discover the Qualities of Making Great Corporate Videos

A lot goes into the creation of a successful corporate video. Not only must you convey a clear message, it must be done in a way that engages your audience and retains them. The following are the most important qualities a great corporate audiovisual should have:

1. Communicate a clear message

Your film should not leave the viewers confused about the purpose/message of the film. Your script should be concise, communicating considerately and economically such that the audience won’t have to go out of their way to understand what you are saying. In order to do this successfully, settle on a single benefit or idea to communicate in each corporate video production so that you can do a good job of presenting it to the viewers.

2. Have a face with the name

Your message will be far better received if the viewers have a face they can relate with. By placing someone with an approachable demeanor – i.e. the company’s real figurehead or a good actor/celebrity playing a part – your viewers will feel more associated with the brand and hence be more receptive to the message. Consider how Nike uses world-renowned and loved basketball players to advertise their products.

Before beginning the actual corporate video production work, identify a person/persons your target demographic will respond well to. These people should be featured in the film, whether it’s to sell a new product, communicate policy changes or simply raise brand awareness.

3. Proper brand reflection

Few things are more important than your brand integrity. Your video production company should have an in-depth understanding of your values, mission and message in order to ensure that they are properly presented to the viewers in a way that is consistent with your other marketing campaigns. The film should positively depict the brand and inspire the audience to be a part of your business.

Use every opportunity to make your product known to the viewers, even with the mundane and routine tasks. If for instance you make films for safety drills, ensure your corporate audio visual production takes advantage of the opportunity to extend your brand identity.

4. Specify an audience

Your demographic will determine the kind of script the film will follow. E.g. creating films for younger people will be different from doing it for older people. Part of your video production company’s job is to work on the script, since it is the backbone of the video.

The dialogues and content should be written out compellingly according to your audience’s needs. In addition, consider where the film will be played as this determines the kind of language to be used e.g. conversational, formal, comedic etc. Proper audience selection sets up the tone of communication, including message, benefits and visual effects for effective communication.

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How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

The increasing usage of smartphones has meant that most of us are using them more and more these days. We call, use internet, read news, do online shopping, book tickets, do online baking these days and use our smartphones for various other purposes. The convenience and comfort is something that has made our lives much easier and hassle free. But doing so many things puts a big strain on the batteries of our smartphones. I will list some steps that you can adopt to help your smartphone battery last longer.

Charging battery frequently: The smartphones we use have big batteries so that we do not need to charge them again and again. But a lot of people are in the habit of charging them frequently and this is something that must be avoided. By charging your battery a lot of times you are putting extra strain on the battery and this will only have a negative impact on the life and performance of the battery. It is advisable to charge your smartphone battery when it gets really low. This will keep the battery in good health and ensure that your smartphone does not run out of charge after every few hours. Leaving your smartphone on charging overnight is also not a good habit and must be avoided as much as possible.

Using third party chargers: Many people have the habit of using third party or cheap chargers to charge their smartphones. This is something that really harms the battery and your smartphone a lot. There is no point in spending 500 dollars on a smartphone and charging it with a cheap battery. Most of the brands also recommend that your phone must be charged with only the supplied charger. These third party chargers can also cause damage to your smartphone. So you must avoid this mistake and always charge your phone with the company provided charger.

Switch off Data when not required: Data is something that most of us use on our smartphones. But it also uses a lot of battery and all the applications you have on your smartphone also drain your smartphone battery. When you do not need data it is best to switch off data as it will help your battery last longer. You also might have some unwanted applications on your smartphone that you may not be using anymore. It is better to go ahead and uninstall them and it will also help in saving your smartphone battery.

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Choosing the Right Technology for Kids

Today, we live in a digital world that’s supported majorly with technology and while technology has changed our world, it also plays an important role in our child’s developmental milestones. Thanks to the latest trends in the field of educational based technology, kids are now getting up close and personal with technology daily, at homes and at school.

But is there really a need to of making technology available only at a particular age? Not really, as technology also plays a very positive and vital role while a child is growing. Today with an introduction of smartphones and other mobile devices like tablet PCs and tablets, we have quicker and comfortable access to the internet at any time and any place. This makes it a must have for kids too, as they help promote and share knowledge and information that’s related to child’s day to day activities along with school based education.

What to buy?

There’s a whole wide range of electronic toys and devices available in the market, that are great portable devices to teach your little ones. But deciding what to buy is difficult at times. But we as parents have a fair idea on what might suit our child and what products may excite him to learn. Remember, each child develops differently and would have their own learning milestones. So don’t push too hard and do keep in mind the following guidelines while buying these products:

Pre-Nursery: 0-3 Years

It’s an ideal age to introduce them to a variety of sounds and lots of colorful stuff. Look for products that feature sounds, are good to touch and feel and most importantly are ‘play friendly’ in terms of safety measures.

You can buy a stuffed toy that makes a sound, music rattles to make him giggle, something that lights up like a room monitor that glows and pick up books that have bright pictures and sounds too. All these would help a child learn the ’cause and effect’ and learn via touch and feel. These will keep the child occupied for a little longer and will open a world of possibilities too.

Prep 2-5 years

At this age, a child needs to hear interesting sounds, see lots of movement around and touch and feel the stuff. This is indeed the most inquisitive age for our little explorers, so be very cautious on what you are gifting them. Encourage them to play with action figures that make sounds and are movable, interactive story books, electronic playsets and talking animals make creative buys.

To increase their learning, gradually introduce them to your smartphone that has a wide range of easily downloadable kid’s applications for listening to rhymes or learning numbers, learning shapes & colors. Read them stories that are interesting and show them the moving images to keep them enthralled and entertained. Try creating learning with a theme, so that kids learn faster. Visit a Zoo and ask them to identify the animals!

+5 and above:

Once the kids are 5, it’s different to keep a track on what technology they are getting exposed to. At this age, they’ll no longer be interested to play with electronic toys or e-readers and would in time, reach out to the internet and play video games or other handheld games that have enhanced features like 3-dimensional effects.

So try to introduce them to a leap frog or similar educational electronics and let them choose what they need to explore. Make sure they are involved in physical activities too.

Screen time too needs to be fixed, as the bright images of the computer screen can affect their sensitive eyes. Don’t let them get into a habit of only sitting on the computer. Change your passwords regularly. Offer kids other interesting things to indulge in. Reward or surprise them with gifts.

Please make sure to be around the child whenever they are on the laptop and keep a track what they are watching or reading. Let them keep experimenting independently with new things. Help them search for educational websites and other interactive games. Kids can also read and learn about science experiments and increase their knowledge bank.

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